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In this era of unprecedented knowledge explosion, DPS Bangalore West has been quick to capitalize on technological resources. The SMART CLASS provides our students with an education experience par excellence. The DIGITAL BOARDS are a reflection of the plethora of activities that the school is abuzz with. ENTRAR LIVE CLASSROOM and the SCHOOL PORTAL is managed by Entrar Technologies, our in-house Web Application which is an innovative technological tool that aids efficient management of work processes and the institution as a whole. It forms the repository for the entire data of the school.


Spacious computer labs, for the exclusive use of the Primary school students, ensure that our students are well equipped with technological knowledge and induce them to be at their creative best!


The school cafeteria is the most popular area on the school campus. Extreme care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and on the menu is a variety of wholesome dishes and healthy snacks. Vending machines for beverages and health drinks are also installed and the importance of a healthy dietary habit is stressed.


The well – equipped health clinic provides medical attention to any student when the need arises. A qualified doctor assisted by two trained nurses is on duty throughout school hours on all working days providing the healing touch. A state – of – the art ambulance is always on standby for any medical emergency that may arise. Well qualified counsellors ensure the mental well-being of our students and special educators assist in enabling a child who will need support.


We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers, conductors, and lady attendants. All our buses are equipped with First-Aid kits. Our buses travel to all nooks and corners of the city to ensure that your child will not face any commutation issues. The bus staff members are regularly trained to take care of the students while they are using the school transport. Some of the salient features of our transport services include:

Well-networked fleet of buses connecting the school to various parts of the city.
Trained drivers and conductors in each bus. Trained lady attendants to take care of your child in each bus. Mandatory First-Aid kits in all buses.
Regular checking by school administration staff to ensure the safety of your child.
For better monitoring, GPS and CCTV in all buses have been installed.


A fitting finale to the weeklong learning at school is the unstructured way of developing skills. Children enjoy themselves in a range of activities when done in groups, in a free manner, but under the supervision of the concerned teacher.

Several skills are brought to the forefront, as the students painstakingly turn out that colourful pot or create that lip-smacking snack; recycle paper as responsible future citizens or make that enthralling powerpoint presentation.

Hobby Clubs are definitely great avenues for tapping talent and gaining hands-on experience!


The well-stacked school library houses over 500 titles catering to the literary taste buds of students from all classes. Periodicals and journals keep our students well informed about emerging and contemporary trends, the reservoir of fiction serves as a means of relaxation, while the vast repertoire of encyclopedia and other reference books provides food for thought in sedate surroundings. The school library will ensure that good reading habits are inculcated in students at a tender age.


DPS is synonymous with the term holistic development. At DPS Bangalore West emphasis is placed on the balanced all-around development of our children. Sports occupy a pride of place in our school curriculum. Apart from the regular activities pertaining to Physical Training that are incorporated into the timetable, proficiency in games like Cricket, Table-Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer is also encouraged. Special coaching is offered to those interested in karate, Skating, and Tennis.

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