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I was lucky to join DPS Bangalore West at the very beginning. Being a new school DPSBW allowed me to benefit from the complete attention of my teachers. Along with studies, the school encourages arts, sports, public speaking and much more. I also get a chance to study alongside students who are differently-abled and that helps me understand the world better. The teachers see the good in every student and help them grow in their unique ways. I would encourage any student looking at a diverse experience to join DPS Bangalore West.


Shyam (Grade 6)


The recent pandemic was an eye-opener to the relevance of schooling in a child’s formative years. While kids shuttled between the laziness and excitement of getting back to offline classes after the hiatus, it was a delight to see our daughter regain the thrill of meeting and making new friends at DPSBW. The interest with which she delved both into academics and activities beyond the curriculum, is definitely proof that the spirit of learning is being nurtured and is thriving at DPSBW. We are also appreciative of the spirit of inclusion prevalent at DPSBW, that makes kids celebrate their uniqueness while moving forward together.

John Justus

Parent of Shreya Mary John (Grade 7)


We are glad that we could partner with Delhi Public School Bangalore West for our kid’s development. While the academics is excellent, the school also focuses on a much bigger vision of upbringing the child to become more responsible citizens by exploring how each child can set their mindset to contribute positively towards their environment & reduce wastes in whatever activities they do. Principal Ms Renu Dimri has been exceptional in her approach towards sustainable solutions and her excellent team of facilitators, administrators and supportive staff has been very supportive, creative, co-operative and accessible when required to have a fertile approach in child’s development. When the world hit pandemic with lots of uncertainties, DPS Bangalore West team has been very resilient to ensure child’s learning has not been disrupted and provided their stupendous support.

C J Hariharan & H Rama Revathi

Parents of H Sai Narain (Grade IV) & H Isha (Grade I)


There are just so many things that I love about DPS West, from the bright cheerful building to the wonderful teachers who show us how studies are used in our daily life. I like the way arts and sports are part of all our activities; we get to express our ideas and thoughts in different ways including through sign language, to value teamwork and inclusion, to enthusiastically participate in all events, to explore new activities and interests and to work hard and follow our dreams. Renu Ma’am and all my teachers really go out of their way to support me and believe that I can achieve anything that I want. I really want to make them proud of me. DPSBW is like home for me, it is perfect.


Nikhita Karthik Iyengar (Grade 5)


My school is very good. I enjoy all the activities done in my school. Learning is so much fun. I love my school.


Pradyumna Trivedi (Grade 3)


If I can see the eagerness in my child to go to school every morning and if he’s coming back happily after, then that’s the trademark quality of a complete system which I call “school”. DPS Bangalore West is in-line with it and I am happy with the organisation.

Amal George Padath

Parent of Jerry Amal Padath (UKG)


We recently celebrated Teacher’s Day with a variety of activities and I was extremely nervous having to anchor the program. I feared making a mistake and ruining the show. However, as the program took off smoothly with everyone pitching in, my fears subsided and I was able to begin enjoying the show. The way the day progressed without any hiccups made me realise that DPSBW is a family. We always help each other out in some way or the other. Here, we always work as one team, and I am very grateful to my parents for making me a part of this family, because here, at DPS Bangalore West, we don’t just talk about teamwork, we show people our teamwork.


Khushi (Grade 7)


The spirit of DPS celebrates the individuality of each student. The teachers recognise their potential, strengths, weaknesses and guide them accordingly. Being exposed to various challenges, interactions, extra curricular activities and leadership roles, help mould their personalities. Middle schooling here involves an activity-oriented and multi disciplinary approach that encourages students to participate in discussions, debates and make presentations. This creates a wholesome learning experience for them.



Kuljeet Kaur

Teacher – Middle School


Our Early Childhood Program is centered around getting children to the necessary developmental stage so that they are ready to learn and succeed in the classroom. Ample opportunities are provided in DPSBW KG. It ideally consists of flexible, multi-faceted, multi-level, play-based, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning, comprising of alphabets, languages, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, puzzles and logical thinking, problem-solving, drawing, painting and other visual art, craft, drama and puppetry, music etc. focusing on holistic development of a child .

Nanda Rao

Teacher – Kindergarten


We, at DPSBW want students to genuinely enjoy school so that they come to the classes with a smile on their faces. To achieve this, we employ a number of fun and innovative activities to make sure that the students remain curious as to what is coming next. Our vision is simple – To explore what’s best for our students and provide an environment in which they can feel comfortable while they learn. They need to understand that it is through mistakes and gentle correction that they learn and grow.


Gunjan Agarwal

Teacher – Primary