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Personal Hygiene and Sex Education

Workshops in schools, led by experts, enhance students’ overall educational experience, surpassing traditional learning. These workshops significantly enhance the learning experience, develop essential life skills, expose students to diverse fields, and provide practical insights. Integrating workshops into the curriculum creates a dynamic and enriching environment, preparing students for future challenges and opportunities.

Keeping the same in mind various workshops were conducted which offered hands-on practical approaches, allowing active engagement and a deeper understanding of concepts


Dr. Vijayaprabha and Ms. Uma Nair, a respected Medical Officer from DPS Bangalore North, addressed students of grades 5-8 students and covered topics like personal hygiene and sex education. The session encouraged students to ask questions about their physical health. Students also created posters on hygiene and emotional changes during adolescence. The informative session included discussions on physical changes in both genders, dispelling myths about menstruation, and emphasizing hygiene practices. The proactive approach of students reflected the day’s spirit, with Dr. Vijayaprabha stressing the importance of informed choices for a healthier life, leaving them with the message, “Your questions today pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.”