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Visit to Vidhana Soudha

A visit to the birthplace of our laws, the Vidhana Soudha, was organized as an educational trip for students of Grades VII and VIII. The students were accompanied by the teachers. At the gates of this Majestic building, they were warmly welcomed by Mr Gnana Shekhar, who has worked here for about twenty five years.

Mr Gnana Shekhar guided the students into the main Assembly hall while he briefed them about the history and structure of the building which was built in an Indo-Dravidian style under the directions and governance of Mr. Kengal Hanumantayya, the second chief minister of Karnataka along with Architect Manikyan.

Students were explained about the proceedings and functionality of the house, the role of the ministers, speakers and legislators. The students were privileged to meet few important officials and were given an opportunity to interact with them. As they walked through the halls of the Vidhana Soudha, they first met the newly elected deputy speaker Mr. Rudrappa Manappa who welcomed them warmly. After exiting the assembly chamber, they visited few cabins that they were permitted to enter.

The essence of the visit was that the students joined the Assembly for the discussion of the Budget. They witnessed the esteemed Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Sidaramaiah presenting the budget.

The trip proved to be a wholesome experience-based learning for our students!