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Yellow Day

“The yellow color is associated with happiness, optimism, and energy. It is often perceived as a joyful and uplifting hue, capable of inspiring positive emotions and creating a sense of warmth. Yellow is also commonly linked to sunlight and can evoke feelings of brightness and cheerfulness. As a part of it we at Kindergarten, celebrated ‘Yellow day’ on the 30th of August.

With great enthusiasm in our nursery and LKG, focusing on fun activities centered around focusing on fun activities centered around the color yellow. The aim of this event was to introduce children to the concept of colors and promote creative thinking and collaboration. Various activities such as drawing, treasure hunt, thumb printing, and show and tell were organized to engage the children in a day full of learning and enjoyment.

The day began with a drawing session where children were encouraged to explore their creativity using yellow as the primary color. They coloured different pictures, which were later displayed in the classroom, creating a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

The treasure hunt was a highlight of the day, as it combined learning, physical activity, and teamwork. The nursery was decorated with yellow-colored clues leading the children to various hidden yellow objects. The thrill of searching and discovering yellow items, such as toys and fruits, created an exciting and enjoyable experience for the little ones.